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A more acceptable term for someone who is a talentless cunt.
Geezer 1: God look at that talentless cunt on MTV.

Geezer 2: Shit, have we got another Justin Bieber on our hands?

Geezer 1 : No, MTV doesn't play music videos anymore you idiot, I'm talking about this guy on The Hills.
by Jesushimself1111 January 17, 2011
123 131
From busking on the streets to being One of the biggest superstars in the world, And if not the biggest. Bieber is known all over the world. He breaks all kinds of records, Sells out concerts all over the planet in so many countries in literally just seconds. Bieber the most make a wish giver in the world with his 200th giver (Aug 2013) Gives so many charities (Involved with over 30) , Justin is a one of the kindest guys I have ever met. He loves his fans with all his heart. Buying them pizza when they wait outside his arena and hotels for hours and even days most the time. Stopping to take pictures with as many as he can, (When its safe too of course) "Noticing" Them on twitter, with his over 45 Mill followers (And growing by the second). Bieber is also one of the most hard working people on this planet. He works Day after day and night after night, And is misunderstood. People don't take the time to realize how hard he works and how much he is trying, The media never focus on the good he does, or all the work he puts in. People need to know that he is 19 years old. He will make mistakes, And people will make up mistakes he never even did. Justin is very talented. He writes his music in his "Music journal" and records them everyday says Bieber. He taught himself to play drums at the age of 2, guitar around 5/6, Piano at age 7/8. And sang beautifully his whole life. Bieber with 5 number 1 albums and "HeartBreaker" And also "All That matters" At #1 (And many more to come)
" justin bieber is so talented omb"
"I know !"
by Sarah Totterdale October 17, 2013
5 14
A Canadian Pop-singer, who has an average to moderate amount of talent, known for his songs "Baby" and "One Time", he was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario in Canada. He used to be a cute, respectful and innocent kid and had a reasonable amount of respect, until the fame started going to his head in late 2011 or early 2012. Now he is considered a douche and is hated more than ever... His fans are called 'Beliebers', they are known for not accepting opinions of other people and will attack them until they get tired. Some Beliebers know how to accept an opinion and are cool.

He sings generic pop-songs which are okay with the right people and at the appropriate time.

A lot of people judge Justin's talent, which is stupid, when even his moderate percentage of talent is more than the hater's.

Also, he is often called "Gay", "Lesbian" or just a "Girl" because of his androgynous looks, baby face and his voice not breaking until late 2010, when he was still 16.

He looks even more like a Lesbian than before with that spiky haircut.
1. Belieber: Awww, Justin Bieber is my boyfriend.
Hater: What would that fag see in you?
Belieber: (Attacks the hater like there's no tomorrow)

2. Normal Neutral Person: I don't hate Justin, but I see he has a moderate level of talent.

Normal Belieber: I say, he's no Michael Jackson, but he is great!

Normal Hater: I hate Justin because he is a douchebag, but, I agree with you, he does have a spot of talent, and finally, a Belieber who has no grammar problems, and she hasn't attacked me yet.

Normal Belieber: I can accept opinions, unlike, the rest of my fanbase, who I am embarrassed by.

Normal Hater: Some faith in humanity restored...

Normal Neutral Person: Y'all are alright...

(I'm an open-minded Belieber, who can accept opinions)
by Luigi Severus Fletcher July 17, 2013
6 15
Somebody who has a lot of bad urban dictionary entries about him.
Justin Bieber: One time one time.

Everyone: I'm soo gunna put something on urban dictionary about this guy.
by BloodSugarLQ June 26, 2011
68 78
Canada's punishment to America for Miley Cyrus.
Dear America,
You produced Miley Cyrus. We are producing Justin Bieber as a punishment. However, not even he can compare to the shit that is the Jonas Brothers, so we will soon produce an even more annoying pop singer who will make girls scream and wet themselves, and he will have an even higher voice.
by I sooo don't care December 25, 2010
90 101
A talented boy; though he chooses to create bullshit-level music, and does it only for money, fame and girls.

tl;dr: Douche
John: Damnit, turn the radio off. Justin Bieber is coming up next.
Adam: Okay, okay.
*Turns the radio off*
by CloudChaser August 01, 2012
11 22
Canada's worst export. Can't sing for shit.
Justin Bieber Fan: OMG, he's sooooooo amazing! I luvs him so much! Marry me, JB!

Me: Da fuck is wrong wit chu?
by SimplyAmazin13 October 11, 2011
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