The ugliest fucking person ever alive. A man whore and likes to suck cock. They're a fatass who has no friends, and spends all day playing video games. Also, he's so fucking retarded.
Me: Ew, do you see that person?
Josh: Yeah.
Me: Must be a Justin.
by toohot4 u December 13, 2009
some one who gets mad over EVERYTHING. some one who is a liar and a cheater. some one who cannot keep a promise worth shit.
Ewwww, he cheated on you & then lied to you about it? what a JUSTIN!
by awerty March 23, 2007
usually a man with a tiny penis, who sucks at every sport. Only attracts other men and some animals. can be mistaken for a woman, the only good thing about him is that he makes ozzy osbourne look highly attractive. a rectum ranger.
dont be a justin just dont
by the one who porked your mom #1 April 29, 2009
1. noun -The dumbest person, usually redheaded, you'll ever meet. Likes to make wierd noises in class and annoy everyone he comes in contact with. Antagonizes teachers frequently.
Justin screamed so loud and high-pitched, it sounded like a young girl was being run over by a car.
by thechickensaysmoo May 24, 2009
See: Fag
"Wow the guy's dick was in another man's asshole? Must be a Justin"
by Poopster McGeezy October 10, 2008
a very short homo who loves to put his butt on people (prefferably young children)likes fat girls and thinks hes good at bikes but in reality he SUCKS bad. he will hook up with anybody (even cousins) so pretty much he has no friends and no life.
Im sure glad im not a Justin like that Justin Davis over there.
by jeffdaltondakotacody123 February 14, 2009
A white boy who pretends to be black. He speaks crazily to himself, even when no one is around. No one likes him, but he thinks they do. He lives a sad life, entrenched in the blood of young children.
Justin is such a white boy pretending to be black.

Justin is over there speaking crazily to himself.

What's up with Justin and that children's blood?
by poo12t October 20, 2008

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