A short, blond musician who also happens to be a leprechaun. He has crazy ninja skills and is a very good skateboarder and snowboarder.
Wow look at that short leprechaun skateboarding, must be a Justin.
by whitehorse101 March 27, 2009
someone who makes out with girls and fucks them and then dumps them.usually does this to about 20 girls a month.
1.)omg becky my boyfriend gave me the greatest fuck last night.
2.)watch out,i heard he's a justin
by vanillaxbabe November 19, 2008
player, acts two-faced makes girls fall for him and acts like a total dick in the end.

usually a baller
nice clothes, not sucha pretty face
katrina: hey justin can I see your cell?
justin: uhhhhh no.
katrina: why ? im your girlfriend ..
justin: oh .. alright , btw while I've been texting and calling that girl you hate everyday but were just friends i hope your cool with that
by thegirlthatgotplayed; February 17, 2009
1. extremely cheap person, uses sheets of cardboard for his bread.

2. Manipulative, especially of the younger ladies.

3. Balder, fatter, less cool, than their older brother.

4. Stool that floats instead of sinking.
I just popped a fat justin squat.
by spartan1234 February 03, 2010
V. The act of taking advantage of a girl who is under the influence of alcohol. Other forms include justining or justined
Friend 1-" Watch out for that kid over there. I heard he likes to take advantage of drunk chicks."
Friend 2-" What a Justin!"
by Montalvo, Kevin April 07, 2009
Someone who talks incessantly.
"Isn't a flawless ruby better than a flawed one?", Justin said... 1/2 an hour later "And so thats why a flawless ruby is better than a flawed one."
by silverslasher August 29, 2007
A small child like man. Who drives big trucks to make up for the lack of size in his pants. And enjoys playing with children in inappropriate ways
omg, that guy was such a justin! Needless to say ill never be going out with that guy again!
by hawk69er December 22, 2009

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