proper noun:
The intensely hot guy that works at the DQ-G&C in NH, like to hang out at DD, will drive great distances to be with older women, and is GREAT IN BED!!!
Justin and I hooked up after the concert and it was AMAZING!!!
by Seana86 March 17, 2007
A big drugdealer, with a big cock
well its time to call justin, quick call justin
by ak471313 July 15, 2009
a sociopath who seems awesome at first until he threatens to kill you; a mentally-ill con artist.
i was really into him at first until i realized he was a justin.

i don't trust him, could he be a justin?
by warrierbeans February 03, 2010
a really big douche bag who cheats on his girlfriend and breaks other girls' hearts. what an asshole.
he cheated on you? he sounds like another "justin" to me. what a douche.
by heartbroken111 February 04, 2010
A short, blond musician who also happens to be a leprechaun. He has crazy ninja skills and is a very good skateboarder and snowboarder.
Wow look at that short leprechaun skateboarding, must be a Justin.
by whitehorse101 March 27, 2009
someone who makes out with girls and fucks them and then dumps them.usually does this to about 20 girls a month.
1.)omg becky my boyfriend gave me the greatest fuck last night.
2.)watch out,i heard he's a justin
by vanillaxbabe November 19, 2008
player, acts two-faced makes girls fall for him and acts like a total dick in the end.

usually a baller
nice clothes, not sucha pretty face
katrina: hey justin can I see your cell?
justin: uhhhhh no.
katrina: why ? im your girlfriend ..
justin: oh .. alright , btw while I've been texting and calling that girl you hate everyday but were just friends i hope your cool with that
by thegirlthatgotplayed; February 17, 2009

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