complete faggot; usually short, skinny-ass, black haired douche bag who has yet to hit puberty. Sits on his computer all day and plays World of Warcraft like its his job; mad gamer. is typically involved in rec sports cuz he's not good enough to play competitively. overuses the word bro and his mom is a complete milf.
Matt: OMG that douchebag has been playing WOW all day long. When are his balls gonna drop?

Danielle: What do you expect, its Justin.
by Matty Matty the Big Daddy October 03, 2010
name for a total douche bag of a person
OMG that kid is such a justin, he turned my computer off while i was typing!!!
by me,me,me,me,andme November 02, 2010
Justin, a HUGE doucher, a boy who deserves to die, sexy but needs to get a fucking clue about how to treat girls, he makes 13 year old girls fall for him and give him BJs, he pretends to care and will leave as soon as he gets your pussy, he's a genius but he's fail his freshman year 3 times, a pedofile, comes back as soon as you get over him, needs to get a life and treat people better. End of the description of Justin. (Not ALL Justins)
*Boy comes back after having sex with a girl and leaving her for months RIGHT after she gets over him FINALLY!!*

Boy" Hey..."
by rabidkitty October 04, 2010
Jersey Shore wanna be. Needs to learn to shut the fuck up. Mad creeper.
Look at that Homo in the sparkly shirt! He must be a Justin!
by Ivanna Bebadd January 25, 2011
One with a very small penis and no sex appeal.
Wow, he is such a justin.
by Funnyboi123456 January 23, 2011
A person who suffers from major acne problems. Almost 99.9% of the time, their necks are colored in a shade of red. Justin can not get girls and is very low class. Most of the time he does not shower. He lives in a gay little faggot ass town and gets arrested for throwing WD-40 through some fat kid's neighbor's window. Oh, and by the way, they enjoy stealing Ipod Touchs. Justin is very illiterate and says things such as "I don't feel like to" which is a retarded combination of the expressions "I don't want to" and "I don't feel like it."
Justin: Hey there, skeetfuck.
Person: Fuck off.
Justin: I don't feel like to.
by Skeet Clown Brown October 29, 2010
complete and total tool, incapeable of intelligent thought or emotional control. indolent. lacks the knowledge of the typical intelligent male, along with brain development which is why he acts out aggresively. can't see what he has until it's gone and has no grasp on reality. is a whiny little bitch who bores you in bed.
god i'd kill my parents if they ever cursed me with the name justin.
by jennifercheck2011 August 30, 2010

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