the best straight gay best you'll ever have :)
justins so gay but really sweet
by penguin-.-hi November 23, 2011
An extremely awesome person who owns a BMW. Too bad he wasn't driving it when he fell on his bike!!
Guy on street corner: "Dude did you see Justin faceplant??"
by sexykitten007 October 02, 2011
Someone, usually describing a guy, who is involved with and most compatible with a woman named Hannah. Also someone who longs to have baby Gippos instead of kids. A Justin is a mixed cheater, also known as, "suga' daddy."
Yo did you hear about Stephan and Polly? Yeah brah he Justined on Polly!
The boy that likes Sabrina
You know Justin he likes Sabrina
by sabrinawilliams August 19, 2011
emotional, suicidal, homocidal, crazy, carries a gun, rides some bike, drives a big truck that's not his, talks highly but wouldn't do shit, usually goes for girls who way to good for him, controlling, selfish, alcoholic, drug addict, usually works at apple bee's, has two kids, and no life, big penis, no teeth.

kinda SICK.
justin is sick.
by paige lilidale May 28, 2011
Another word meaning gay or replaces the word gay
Guy 1 " Dude that's so gay"
Guy 2 " No you mean that's so justin"
Guy 1 " I dated a girl named justin once"
Guy 2 " There's only one person named justin in the school and it's a guy"
Guy 1 " O.O "
by beast 2.0 March 09, 2011
The name Justin originally comes from the Latin word "lustinus." Common personality traits of people with the name of Justin include Selfishness, Attention Seeking, Impolite, Judgmental, Immature and will often Blame Others for their own mistakes. Interacting with people with the name Justin may be entertaining for a few hours but will most definitely become a horrible experience.
To Justin is to tell an obvious lie but back it up 100%
by PanicGreen October 02, 2010

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