When you shit in a brown paper bag, light it on fire, ring the doorbell and run, the person comes out side and steps on the shit.(: Justins also smelll like shit
Ew its justin
by suck my balls justin December 17, 2010
Someone with absolutely no friends. May think he has friends, but he does not.
Girl - "Oh hey Justin what are you doing tonight?"

Justin - "Just chillin with my best friend the llama."

Girl - "The llama isn't your friend...you have no friends..."
by Rappinchamp December 12, 2010
The name Justin originally comes from the Latin word "lustinus." Common personality traits of people with the name of Justin include Selfishness, Attention Seeking, Impolite, Judgmental, Immature and will often Blame Others for their own mistakes. Interacting with people with the name Justin may be entertaining for a few hours but will most definitely become a horrible experience.
To Justin is to tell an obvious lie but back it up 100%
by PanicGreen October 02, 2010
When you have to throw up repeatedly
I have to do a Justin again uggh.
by btghkgh August 30, 2010
An awesome guy with a majorly bloody dick, who is easily arroused by math homework. He enjoys creative underwear, playing guitar, and going through magical mysterious bags. He is the coolest ginger kid you will ever meet. Some would say he is "cute in an akward way", others just call him jibbly. I wouldnt trust him or Montey with a mothers credit card...He is funny, i like him! Schwang on Justin! Get to know him :)
Justin.. what are you doing over there, come on man what are you doin over there huh?

by meses November 19, 2010
A guy with a 1 inch penis.
Guy: how far did you get inside her?

1-inch Penis Guy: Justin...
by supamans August 30, 2010
A guy who is good as a friend, but you don't want to get romantically involved with. It will lead to potential disaster.
"Hey, you and that guy seem close, why don't you all date?"

"I just don't feel like I should be more than friends with him, he seems like a Justin to me."
by t-Waff April 01, 2010

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