A very cute, shy guy at first but once you get to know him he is really sweet. For a little while. Then you develop feelings for him and he says he feels the same but then you see him with another girl telling her the same thing. He is secretly a douchebag. F*ck you Justin.
-Oh guys guess what! I'm dating a new guy named Justin, I think I might love him!
-Um he is a douchebag you can do better!
#justin #heart broken #ugh #whatever #douchebag
by lifesuckslol January 20, 2013
One with a very small penis and no sex appeal.
Wow, he is such a justin.
#justin #krieger #ladies #penis #small
by Funnyboi123456 January 23, 2011
A person who suffers from major acne problems. Almost 99.9% of the time, their necks are colored in a shade of red. Justin can not get girls and is very low class. Most of the time he does not shower. He lives in a gay little faggot ass town and gets arrested for throwing WD-40 through some fat kid's neighbor's window. Oh, and by the way, they enjoy stealing Ipod Touchs. Justin is very illiterate and says things such as "I don't feel like to" which is a retarded combination of the expressions "I don't want to" and "I don't feel like it."
Justin: Hey there, skeetfuck.
Person: Fuck off.
Justin: I don't feel like to.
#retard #poor #scumbag #redneck #dirt
by Skeet Clown Brown October 29, 2010
complete and total tool, incapeable of intelligent thought or emotional control. indolent. lacks the knowledge of the typical intelligent male, along with brain development which is why he acts out aggresively. can't see what he has until it's gone and has no grasp on reality. is a whiny little bitch who bores you in bed.
god i'd kill my parents if they ever cursed me with the name justin.
#lazy #indolent #dick #penis cheese #psycho
by jennifercheck2011 August 30, 2010
The name Justin usually belongs to a boy that is completely up himself. He likes to blame others and make them feel like crap. People who usually are around a Justin, get hurt and upset so it is always best to avoid them. This is why Justins will soon become loners.
He upset me so much last night' 'Was he a Justin?' 'Yes, how did you know?
#justin #dick #horrible #loner #gay
by Monztar June 20, 2010
no friends, complete liar about everything, very small cock, wears abnormally large shirts, drama starter, rumor spreader, faggot, out of the closet homosexual, is a virgin(and always will be), listens to bands hes never heard of in his life, and a poser little bitch.
justin.. = (read definition)
#tits #justin #faggot #little bitch #virgin
by itdoesntmatterdoesit September 18, 2010
a blonde and curley haired butt pirate who takes it up the ass on numerous occasions. he loves getting cummed on by xavier rudd and jack johnson. one of his favorite hobbies is to draw dicks
jack johnson: here it comes!!

justin: ohhh yeah right in my ass!
#fag #asswipe #dirty sanchez #strawberry shortcake #cum guzzler #pussy
by al merrick September 06, 2010
A genetically flawed white American male that can't think for itself.

A Justin comes from a long line of sheeples. Back in the 70s, sheeples named their kids Justin because it was the cool "in thing" to do. Those kids grew up and had little Justins of their own....but these are not typical Justins. Since Ritalin has been a trendy drug that all cool parents give to their kids, we now have a generation of Super Justins.

A Justin feels the need to follow all the latest trends and styles.
He loves to shop at the pretty boy stores in the mall.
Often seen sporting white rimmed sunglasses while driving a Fast and Furious 90 HP Honda Civic.
A Justin will text more than a 13 year old girl named Britney.

Never separate a Justin from his cell phone, he'll die instantly!
Hey look at that Justin over there wearing the Abercrombie sweater and beaded necklace!

That Justin has so much cologne on he smells like a french whore.
#sheeple #lemming #pretty boy #ritalin #add #moron
by imafollower May 16, 2010
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