A very cute, shy guy at first but once you get to know him he is really sweet. For a little while. Then you develop feelings for him and he says he feels the same but then you see him with another girl telling her the same thing. He is secretly a douchebag. F*ck you Justin.
-Oh guys guess what! I'm dating a new guy named Justin, I think I might love him!
-Um he is a douchebag you can do better!
by lifesuckslol January 20, 2013
A douche bag-looking teen male or tween male; usually with long swoopy hair or Nike dunks on; a huge faggot that deserves a face raping.
Ashley: "Emily! Look! There's a herd of Justins!"
Emily: "Hey Justin!"

All heads of Justins turn to Emily's direction.
by Ashley Derp July 27, 2010
The biggest faggot you will ever meet. He's the kid that hangs out with everyone and thinks they like him. He talks about the most random stuff and can't argue his point. this kid also sucks at speaking. He pronounces milk like malk and drawer like draw. He is fucked up!!!
kid 1: Malk doesn't come from cows

kid 2: Dude you can't even say that right.

kid 3: wow your such a Justin!
by amliekxe May 19, 2010
lair and a butt haed who suks and cheats on his girl freinds.But is still very hot and some times sweet.
Justin is mean and mentle!
by Aubree Fuller April 14, 2010
proper noun:
The intensely hot guy that works at the DQ-G&C in NH, like to hang out at DD, will drive great distances to be with older women, and is GREAT IN BED!!!
Justin and I hooked up after the concert and it was AMAZING!!!
by Seana86 March 17, 2007
A big drugdealer, with a big cock
well its time to call justin, quick call justin
by ak471313 July 15, 2009
a sociopath who seems awesome at first until he threatens to kill you; a mentally-ill con artist.
i was really into him at first until i realized he was a justin.

i don't trust him, could he be a justin?
by warrierbeans February 03, 2010
a really big douche bag who cheats on his girlfriend and breaks other girls' hearts. what an asshole.
he cheated on you? he sounds like another "justin" to me. what a douche.
by heartbroken111 February 04, 2010

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