A very cute, shy guy at first but once you get to know him he is really sweet. For a little while. Then you develop feelings for him and he says he feels the same but then you see him with another girl telling her the same thing. He is secretly a douchebag. F*ck you Justin.
-Oh guys guess what! I'm dating a new guy named Justin, I think I might love him!
-Um he is a douchebag you can do better!
#justin #heart broken #ugh #whatever #douchebag
by lifesuckslol January 20, 2013
an extremely hot male. he usually has amazing, but wacky skills at basketball. is unusually obsessed with long socks,and has a temper but is the cutest, funniest guy you will ever meet. sometimes called Siilver. totally amazing.:]
you just have to meet him.
cuz justin is that amazing.
#hot #amazing #funny #talented #sweet
by PSEUxDONYMM January 14, 2009
A dog cumming in your ass.
Dude did you just get Justined??
#justin #dog #ass #cum #your
by BigJCox April 17, 2012
1) To bother or annoy in an aggressive manner

2) To excessively jump on or cling to someone else in an obnoxious, irksome way
1. "Man, what is with Sean? He's totally being a justin..."

2. "Come on dude, knock it off! Quit being a justin."

3. "If you say anything more, I may just have to justin you."
#synonyms: pester #abuse #annoy #irritate #and badger.
by charredmumu October 14, 2011
They appear sweet, nice, and friendly, but under the surface they are complete jerks. They are womanizers, often suffer from short man syndrome, and know just what to say to get in a girls pants. They act like martyrs and whine non stop to make you feel bad for them after they've completely screwed you over. A lot of times they overcompensate with material items such as fast cars or trucks and work out 24/7 in order to make up for their height.
Guy: He's like 5'4" and drives a HUGE truck... i bet his name is Justin.

Guy 2: Yep, what a tool....
#justin #short man syndrome #sms #tool #womanizer #liar #whiner
by Carabeth October 12, 2011
A. The biggest douche bag in the entire world.. Usually a cheating lying asshole.

B. pulling a "Justin" (lying to go cheat)
A. Girl 1: I dated a Justin once..

Girl 2:.. Bad luck on that one..

B. Guy: Yeah dude i pulled a Justin last night...
#douche #cheating #lying #asshole #dick
by BaddestBitch<3 August 09, 2011
a huge dickhead, likes 2 screw people, and devilish. A Person Named Justin could be cruel and mean. Sombody that likes to flip off strangers

Definition 2: a Devilish Kitten
That litter of kittens are such Justins! they scrached me completly!!!

That Justin, very hurtful..... :'(
#justin #mean #kitten #devilish #miget #short #leprecaun #ass
by cutenesskitty100 July 19, 2011
Somebody who is nice as shit in track. They blow by scrubs in the hurdles with no problem but somehow the scrubs come back asking for more. He/she will even leave their track spikes at the meet afterwards, discretely boasting that Nike will just send him a fresh new pair tomorrow.
Mark and Eric got smoked in track by a justin
#nice #fresh #speedy #track #star #justin
by w3!n3rZ March 24, 2011
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