An object of myth and speculation (see also his Penis)

He refuses to talk about the tattoo and storms out of interviews if it is mentioned

it is rumoured to be one of the seven Horcruxes that carry his soul and creates his immortality from puberty.
" Justin Bieber's Tattoo is part of the horcruxes." said Dumbledore

person 1"I wonder what Justin Biebers Tattoo looks like?"

person 2 " I'm guessing a giant penis to compensate"
by LawrieCrash August 12, 2010
Top Definition
The gayest gay fag of all the faggy gay tattoos.
Hey Antoine look, Justin has a small mole.. nevermind is just his faggy tattoo..

Real life conversation about Justin Bieber's Tattoo.
by ipwnolfags December 13, 2010
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