A kid who thinks he has talent except all he has is supposed "looks" and doesn't know what the freak a belt is!
He enjoys DUI and likes to hang with black rapper wannabees.
Lil Za and many other dummies are part of his crew who think adding the word Lil makes them swope.
He also likes hooking up with random girls, tweeting sultry instagram photos and putting his teenage fans called "Bieliebers" in a frenzy even though it's just some staged BS. Canadians don't enjoy his presense and are actually very embarrassed.

Justin Bieber: A pain in the average human's ass.
Bob: "You hear about--"
Eric: "Justin Bieber? I don't want to know. What did he do this time? Eat sand out of Lil Za's butt?"
by LilZa&JB4EVA January 27, 2014
The reason why I don't listen to music anymore.

Justin Bieber has not hit puberty yet, and I am guessing he never will. As of this day, his "Justin Bieber Baby" Video is the most hated video on YouTube. He is such a pathetic queer. How fucking pathetic.

All of his music either have to do with girls or love (How fucking original). I ever meet Justin Bieber, I will smack the shit out of that idiosyncratic bastard.

Judging from his music, he is a fucking low-life 10 year old emo girl.
Mother: Woah, did you just hear that loud scream?
Son: Yea, it is just my sister, listening to Justin Bieber music.
by CrashBndcoot121 January 17, 2011
One of The Worlds main distractions for teen girls and maybe guys too. right next to Jersey Shore, and American Idol. This is Just my opinion thou.

Yeah he makes whack music too that your girl will probably die for, how unfortunate no talent.
Girl:Omg Justin Bieber. Bieber fever!
Everyone: Yes we get it you are a fan, moving on..
by Johnstaysfitted April 24, 2011
One of the most taboo words on the planet.
Lucy: Like, OMG! Justin Bieber is like-SOOO hot!!!
Micah: Oooooooooohhhh! You just said the JB-word!
by Dohayecarumbadoh April 18, 2011
The all-time greastest disgrace to the male species. Someone who makes James Blunt's "Beautiful" sound like something that won't make your ears bleed. Justin Bieber-someone who's so called "pubes" are adorably swept to the side. The fact that this "boy" sounds like a cow in labor is the overstatement of the century let alone the era/millenium.
Timothy: How's your day been so far?
John: Ugh, it sucked. Maybe the worst I've ever had...
Timothy: Really? That bad?
John: Yeah, the WORST. A real Justin Bieber day.
Timothy: Ooh, one of those? I had a Justina Bieber day once, I got a divorce, lost $1,000,000, and I had my dick cut off.
by Just Insucks January 23, 2011
A 16-year-old Canadian pop singer. Sings crap plastic-packaged pop which no one in their right minds should listen to. However, he gets a lot of unwarranted hate from people trying to bolster their masculinity by insulting them (his voice hasn't broken, making him rather an easier target).

Target of multiple unpleasant Facebook likes.

Object of 6.02*10^23 screaming girls' adulation.
Facebook like: puberty will hit Justin Bieber like a train.


Typical conversation:
GUY: Justin Bieber is such a talentless faggot.
GIRL: You're just jealous.
Both of these people are equally stupid.
by the voice of common sense January 23, 2011
The reason I want to blow out my brains with a loaded .44
I would rather have a bullet go through my head than ANY of Justin Bieber's songs.
by devilman337 September 06, 2014

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