a loser who tries to act black
pathetic singing skills
only able to seduct lonely little girls who like 15-year olds with growth disorders
only pussy he can get is a ho's pussy in Brazil
wannabe "badass"
looks like a fucking gay-ass faggot
did i mention the lack of singing skills?
11-year old: OMG!! Justin Bieber's so hawwwttt!
Me: Bullshit! He a homosexual!
by Lord of the Chings January 21, 2014
A long hard shit that never goes away. Usually happens about every 30 minutes.
Friend: Dude, what took you so long in the bathroom?

Me: I had to take a Justin Bieber.
by Majorleech April 12, 2011
The male equiv for a c*nt.
Did y'all see what that guy just did? That was low.. What a JustinBieber...
by It just me September 05, 2014
A "singer" with a girly voice and no talent. He's adored by some 12-year olds (especially girls). His fans call themselves "Beliebers", but I usually call them "Biebtards". I'm not gonna say he's gay or something, but he's not talented, his songs are not so good, and most of his fans are retards.
Me: He's not talented at all. Get a life and don't listen to trash music like Bieber does.
by biebergoaway February 22, 2014
A kid who thinks he has talent except all he has is supposed "looks" and doesn't know what the freak a belt is!
He enjoys DUI and likes to hang with black rapper wannabees.
Lil Za and many other dummies are part of his crew who think adding the word Lil makes them swope.
He also likes hooking up with random girls, tweeting sultry instagram photos and putting his teenage fans called "Bieliebers" in a frenzy even though it's just some staged BS. Canadians don't enjoy his presense and are actually very embarrassed.

Justin Bieber: A pain in the average human's ass.
Bob: "You hear about--"
Eric: "Justin Bieber? I don't want to know. What did he do this time? Eat sand out of Lil Za's butt?"
by LilZa&JB4EVA January 27, 2014
Some fucking pre-mature fangirl definition that we'll have to vote on for eternity. FUCK YOU BIG TIME RUSH FAN PIECE OF SHIT
Oh yeah, this Justin Bieber def was spammed like hell
by McGeeLikesME June 17, 2013
A girl in disguise, using their diguise to become famous amongst other girls who were mean to "him" in early childhood.
Baby, Baby, Baby, OOOOOOH
-Justin Bieber
by [Enter Clever Pseudonym Here] November 27, 2011

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