Pretty much the awesomest singer ever. an extremely hot 15-year-old. Albums: My World. Fans are called Beliebers
Justin Bieber's song One Time is amazing.
by JBFaveGirls January 17, 2010
A Canadian singer, has good talent & people that hate are jealous cause they're ugly and justin isnt ugly :) and why hate on someone u dont EVEN know? idk, no lives i guess :) well, Justin is a great singer and has a cd called MY WORLD. go buy it now :)
I love Justin Bieber's song One time dude!!
by ayeshawtyy January 17, 2010
the 15 year-old hottie that is taking over the music industry. found by Scooter Braun and mentored by Usher, Bieber is true talent. One Less Lonely Girl, One Time-- yeah, both his.
girl a- hey are you one of those girls that like that Justin Bieber kid?
girl b- YEAH! you aren't?
girl a- no, he's weird.
girl b- YOU are weird.
by ibeliebe;) January 11, 2010
Everyone says that he has no talent and that girls only like him for his looks. Well I AM a girl but first, I loved him before I saw a picture of him.. I'm honestly not lieing and plus I thought he was a small black kid.. Then I looked him up on youtube and watched his videos from when he was younger and was like wow this kid is really talented. Hes got a lot going for him, he plays mulitiple instruments, can dance, skateboard and he has a great voice. So seriously people? when you say he has no talent he really does. The only people who hate on him are guys. Are yall jealous or something? He has worked for what he has and y'all think that hes a faggot for being good at what he does.. Plus USHER AND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOUGHT FOR HIM! OBVIOUSLY HE HAS TALENT! Think about that for a while.
Justin Bieber is amazingly talented!
Justin Bieber has haters because they are jealous of him!
by ayeyou444 December 11, 2009
Amazing lyrics. Even better voice. Very, very talented. If he wasn't so talented, why did Usher and Justin Timberlake fight over him? They found him, he didn't find them. And to top it all off, He's definitely no doubt the most beauitful boy i've ever seen.
nothing can campare to justin bieber. :)
by B. Bieber. ;) November 12, 2009
He is the most amazong, HAWTest boy in this effing planet(: i LOOVVEE that boooyy:D look him up on youtube.
i it really him!? ahhhh!--->JUSTIN BIEBERR:D
by Hannah:DD October 24, 2008

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