Prepubescent girl...erm...BOY, that only knows how to write (if he even writes them) and sing songs that have to be about the one girl for him. Adored by 10-14 year old's nationwide.
-Justin Bieber fan on Justin Bieber.

QUIT HaTiN! U R ONLY jeluss cuz U Can'T sing liek HIM!
-Justin Bieber fan on Justin Bieber.
by Scramblez November 29, 2009
Proof that you don't need talent to become a singer

The end of music
Justin Bieber is the final straw in the credibility of American Pop Music
by DiamondRio February 18, 2010
A 15 year old male singer who sounds like he has not yet hit puberty. His voice sounds like a young girl's. Some of his most well known songs are One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, Favorite Girl, basically all about girls or love, however the songs sound more proper for possibly, a more mature male singer or rapper. Also, in his song one time, he happens to repeat one time many more times than once. Just to sum this definition up, he's a 15 year old boy who sounds like he has not yet hit puberty and sings love songs to impress girls.
"I'mma tell you one time (that i love, that i love you) I'mma tell you one time (that i love, that i love you)"
Figure 1: Dude, I hate that song by Justin Bieber. Shut off the radio.
Figure 2: No way, this 15 year old prepubescent boy is soo dreamy.
Figure 1: are you gay?
by jadex13 November 27, 2009
1. (n.) (Jus-tin Bee-ber) - A homosexual female fifteen year old singer who should be assassinated by a group of snipers, tied to an airplane crashing into a volcano, or kidnapped by Ted Bundy. She is not old enough to drive but yet, still sings songs (that she doesn't write) about love and heartbreak. Her music video for "One Time" makes a Banana's in Pajamas sleepover look like a hardcore orgy. The hardest drink being consumed at the party is most likely Diet Pepsi and ice. Her fanbase consists of 8-14 year old girls and their mothers. Her topics of love include the positive aspect (playing mini golf and watching PG-13 movies) to the negatives (breaking up over AOL Instant Messenger). She is bewilderingly linked to being signed by Usher (another oversynthesized "artist" who should be working at a movie theater, not rapping). Her aspects of love are limited due to the fact that she is not old enough to see R-Rated movies, enter clubs, establish credit, or even work a part-time job. Her biggest fans and groupies include preteen girls who jam themselves inside a second floor mall Ambercrombie Kids store and are evacuated from the mall due to the possibility of breaking glass railings and falling to the first floor. Also see Aaron Carter, Miley Cyrus, Adolf Hitler.

2. (v.) - The need to have your mom drive you to a concert/big event/press conference due to the fact that you are not old enough to obtain a valid state driver's license.
1. Justin Bieber is the best teenage female singer next to Jesse McCartney and Ashlee Simpson.

2. Aw man guys, Sorry I'm late to the gig but I had to Justin Bieber here, are we still opening up for Simple Plan tonight?
by Lazybones213 February 15, 2010
Talentless kid who is 16 but looks and sounds like a 11 year old girl. Basically the white version of Chris Brown. Like Chris Brown, has an annoying group of fangirls who make believe he is theirs and will use the jealous card to those who don't like him. He is also probably the worst thing to happen to mainstream music since Soulja Boy. I honestly don't think mainstream music can get any lower, then again I said the same thing about Avril Lavigne.

I bet that every thumbs down this comment gets is from those same fangirls I mentioned earlier.
justin bieber has no talent

dumb fangirl response: u jus jealouz cuz he b gettin famouz and u not
by TheKingoftheHill April 11, 2010
A Canadian android disguised as a 12 year old transexual sent back in time from the year 2056. It's mission is to sabotage America's resources, economy, and military, all while using the image of a pop singer to transmit it's signals (it's "music," so to speak), subliminally brainwashing the American public. The more public appeal it gains, the more access it's signals have to America's networks. So far, these signals have resulted in the stock market crash of 2008 and continue to increase the calculated national debt at an exponential rate, they have scanned through the US military network and are setting up false scenarios in Iran and other countries, and have incepted the premise of SOPA into Texas Represenative Lamar S. Smith's mind. Once America finds itself in a vulnerable enough state, Bieber will send a protocol through it's signal, rendering all of it's listeners into mindless drones at it's command. With a vast majority of the American public under it's control, Canada will prepare their strike against America. Once victory is claimed, Canada will secure it's spot as the most powerful nation in the world, keeping all others in fear that the same will happen to them.
Gentlemen, we must take out Justin Bieber at all costs! Once it is eliminated, we must retaliate against Canada to ensure it never comes into existence! For those who are about to fight and die for this noble cause, we salute you!
by mrag52 January 26, 2012
A 9 year old girl?
two guys in the car and one turns the radio on and Justin Bieber's new song comes on;
"Dude whos this chick? she sounds so young?!"
"Man, it's that new DUDE all the girls are in love in"
by holaaar April 14, 2012

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