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Devil worships that brought Gay-Armageddon messenger in the form of their son. In some literature you can find them with the title of puppeteer. They hate metal and death metal, which puts their nature to a question. It is easy to recognize them, they wear silk pants of pink color and black leather hats. The best way to fight them is to throw a grenade or holy water into their mouth. Do not attempt to get close to them as messenger will be summoned and you’ll be sealed to the dimension where you’ll be watching his and Bjork videos 24/7.
Police office Jack: Hey, you 2 pull over! Hello Mr. Bieber (Justin Bieber parents), show me some ID. You birthdate says 66.66.66... get out of the vehicle!!! Now!!! Who is touching me? No!!! Justin bieber, Boby (partner) run!!! Tell my wife I loved her!!!
by Pandora Keeper April 11, 2011
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