1. A word meaning "just his body."
2. A guy with an awesome body, but an less attractive face.
2. The male equivalent of "butterface" or "butter face."
Sheila: I saw this guy in gym bending over and he was so hot... then he turned around. Ew, it was justicebody.

Marla: He said she was a butterface, but he's a justicebody, so he can't talk.

Lueanne: Justicebody (just his body) is good, but his face... no.
by Whoops007 November 21, 2010
The guy version of Butterface. When he only has a hot bod. Justice (Just his) body.
ooooh he was hot" "Yeah but justice body" "LOL
by BigMama&Cwwow April 30, 2011

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