NERDY! mental cat with a big butt. window licker that gets dragged behind a short bus with her dad driving while licking the windows at the same time! what a multi tasker! HA--HA
mental goat/duck: OH YESSUM WHAT A HOT MENTAL CAT WINDOW LICKER! go justeen!
by mental duckcowgoat February 04, 2010
Top Definition
The best person you will ever meet. Drop-dead gorgeous and gives the best advice there is. Its a good idea to talk to this person as much as possible because they will make you feel better. Makes the perfect girlfriend/best friend.
"aye man. Justeen's over there." - person 1
"coool. ima talk to her. shes my bfff." -person 2
by ohyeeeeeeeeeee December 29, 2011
a JUSTEEN pronounced (jhus-tein) is basically anyone who takes on the characteristics of being lazy and unproductive towards the needs of others
example sentence : sgam was late for work again, "what a justeen".
by the dungeon master1010 January 11, 2011
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