Moustache without a beard, goatee, or any other facial hair.
Alex: How many justaches do you think we'll see at the Cork tonight?

Tyson: Over/under is 3...and I'll take the over. Think I just saw Magnum P.I. walk into Jam Session.
by joejak22 July 10, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who has only a mustache with no other facial hair or sideburns.
His justache looks like he's sniffin a sick caterpiller
by Dan November 30, 2003
When teenage boys begin to grow their first facial hairs and refuse to shave them, thus growing nothing but a pathetically small mustache/ some chin hairs.
"Is Justin on drugs??"

"No, just growing out his Justache"
by Katie I guess July 27, 2016
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