little dumb hardcore kid, who is always hyper and does stupid stuff to make people laugh
Jussin called "Miami Flrodia", "Florida Miami"

Also wears funny wigs to the mall
by al capwned May 29, 2004
Top Definition
A 12 year old black kid who walks around asking for girls "digits".
Jussin walks around asking females "Yo, can i get dem digits"
by steve plummer May 30, 2004
people who look really young, pre-teen age, but really are 16+. Gangsta like, and ill with the rhyming skill.
Bob called Jussin a "fuckin pussy." Bob said "Wha?" Jussin replied, "you wanna call me a fuckin pussy?" Bob swung at Jussin and Jussin began beating down on Bob.
Slang term for Uber Leet
Yo, that was a Jussin shot.
by Justin May 07, 2004
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