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Jurktionary: A collection of "words" uttered by John Jurkovic on the Mac, Jurko, and Harry show on ESPN radio 1000 in Chicago, Illinois. Jurko tends to combine words that do actually exist, into "words" that suit his vocabulary needs....
He blames it on taking 10,000 blows to the head as a defensive lineman for the Packers, Jags, and Browns....
the term "Jurktionary" was coined by loyal listener Doug, from Evergreen Park.
"There's a new word for the Jurktionary."
1. Problem-some
2. Musnus opus
3. Swequity
4. Vute
5. Unbeuter
6. Salabasize
7. Renownment
8. Dranken
9. Lambasticity
10. Streamlining
11. Shockiting
by doug - evergreen park April 25, 2006
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