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(Jer-dan-ihs)Originates from south african tribe, Yurdanos. Word can be used to describe nearly ANYTHING. As you will see there are many examples below.
Somebody smells like a Jurdanis.
Have you been sleeping with the Jurdanis down the block?
Hey, Who cut the Jurdanis?
Your Jurdanis is showing.
Clean up your damn Jurdanis!!
Kiss my Jurdanis.
Run away! The Jurdanis is coming!
Sir, please put away your Jurdanis!
If I had a million Jurdanis for every Jurdanis, I would be Jurdanis.
The Jurdanis ate my homework!
I was raped in the Jurdanis.
by J.A.B. February 04, 2006
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