In refrence to the movie Jarassic Park on of the front two passengers of a car drops his pants and lets loose a diarrhea fart. This blinds the person from feces fragments and resembles the scene where Dennis Nedry (played by Wayne Knight) is attacked by a Dilophosaurus in his car while trying to steal Dinosaur DNA. Hence Jurassic Parking someone.
I am gonna Jurassic Park your ass!

Don't make me Jurassic Park you.

You Jurassic Parked him good.

Next time she complains like that you should Jurassic Park her.

I am going to be Jurassic Parking her tonight.
by pntbllw3 June 25, 2009
A painful and viscious sexual position that usually involves blood shed. And Bryan.
I'll show you Jurassic Park...and you won't like it!
by Lauren March 25, 2005
IT HAPPENED! On a small island the coast of New Zealand. A comapny known as Ingen using fossilized mosquitos to bring back cloned dinosaurs.
"I wish I was at Jurassic Park right now. Then I could meet Jeff Goldbloom on the shitter.
by J Knudsen May 09, 2008
Jurassic Park, adj. Synonymous with 'cash back'.
'That's a million pounds --- Jurassic Park'
by alan partridge January 19, 2003
a group of middle aged or older people, usually at a bar
Can't go to the pub tonight, once bowling gets out it's like juraasic park there
by tom ferrek March 11, 2004
A pretty good book, a pretty average film, and some pretty bad sequels.

Welcome to Hollywood, ladies and gentlemen...
"Wait a minute, why did Crichton's follow up book, The Lost World, seem to change what happened to most of the characters to fit in with the events of the first film?"
by OD Smith April 12, 2005
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