A term for a feature or product which was only implemented because it could be.

From the quote 'your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should'
Manager come to you and says implement this feature just because we can. - Jurassic Park
by dsn February 17, 2012
Top Definition
A great peice of Cinematic magic,
Welcome to Jurassic Park..
by Rob T September 15, 2003
The best American movie ever made. (There are other movies which are foreign that are slightly better)
If you don't like Jurassic Park, then you will die a virgin.
by Balano May 03, 2003
Correct way to spell Jurassic park, congrats!

Also a book (later transpired into a film trilogy) about a theme park with Dinosaurs.

Just be thankful you spelt it right.
Guy 1: Hey, wanna watch Jurassic Park?

Guy 2: Isn't it Jurrassic Park?

Guy 1: I don't wanna know you anymore
by InstantActionHero April 09, 2007
Phrase coined by that example to us all, Alan Partridge.

It is best described as an expression of joy at a favourable outcome. You could also use "cash back!", "in off the red!", "Mary Poppins!", or of course, "Kiss my face!"
Director of the BBC: "Alan, I'm giving you another series"

Alan Partridge: "Jurassic Park!"
by jimbokeeno September 01, 2004
A Small Costa Rican designed as a theme park for rich tourists but ended up overrun by over 15 species of dinosaurs and eventually bombed by the CRNG.
richard hammond "i think i'll create a park full of incredibly dangerous animals that we know nothing about and parade them in front of rich idiots. i think i'll call it, jurassic park"
Henry Wu "i'll put the kettle on"
by JPreeceybaby August 07, 2008
A place where lots of old people meet. It could be a show by a band from the sixties, or a social or country club.
When the Rolling Stones came to play at Giants Stadium, that place turned into Jurassic Park.
by Rob Krug August 01, 2005
You could go engineer some giant monsters and go live on an island with them. You could - but that does not mean you should...
Peter approached the pretty girl with intent; he was ready to wow her with his extensive knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and home addresses of porn stars, but he hesitated and reselected different subject matter. Peter considered Jurrasic Park and chose a different path...
by L.F. Alives May 07, 2005
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