The Junior Blue is the school mascot of Washburn Rural High School located in Topeka Kansas. Although confusing to visitors , the mascot pays tribute to the local college, Washburn University. There are two commonly accepted definitions of a Junior Blue-

1) An upstanding student-athlete who is an all-around good character

2) A rooster (used among students and band director Luke Chaffee)
example 1) " Wow so the starting QB is also on the honor roll?" 'yup, he's a real junior blue"

example 2) "WHO ARE WE!?" "ROOSTERS!"
by 51 Cal. July 21, 2011
Top Definition
The Junior Blue is the mascot for Washburn Rural High School located in Topeka KS. Although a wide variety of definitions exist for the Junior Blue two are widely accepted.

1) One who embodies the characteristics of a student and an athlete
2) A Rooster
1) person 1 " dude do you see that guy, he's on the honor roll and starting!"
person 2 " yeah bro, he's such a Junior Blue"

2) The mullet man said it best we're all just a bunch of roosters at WRHS
by 51 Cal. June 02, 2011
A Junior Blue is a Rooster
What is a Washburn Rural Junior Blue (other than a stupid mascot)?

WHO ARE WE?! -- Roosters!
by 51 Cal. May 22, 2011
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