chick with flinstone feet
egyption chridtmas
a black jew
porch monkey with curly hair
a nigger that studders like philip niles
a goofy bahemeath bitch

often used when shouting at people on the side of the road
hey look at that jungle fuck on that porch
by sam aldinger April 09, 2008
Top Definition
To have sex with your partner on the bathroom counter, in the shower, on the floor, on the table, from behind while on the couch, on the kitchen counter, pressed up against the refrigerator...all in the space of 90 minutes, as if your environment where a jungle and it was your mission as a sex-crazed tarzan/jane to explore every orifice of it before your parents come home.
Bob: You and Becky finally hookup?
Chris: Yah, we jungle fucked for hours.
Bob: Damage assessment?
Chris: Broke a mirror in the bathroom, jacked up her shower doors and both ended up with rug burns on our backs and knees.
Bob: So totally worth it then?
Chris: Duh.
by b0xxx August 04, 2008
To fuck wildly
hayley and Tom jungle fucked on the hall floor.
by jungle fucker August 10, 2003
to eat food with voracity
I would jungle fuck some sushi right now, wouldn't you?
by tonysimpleman November 07, 2006
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