Crazy basketball that used to be played in "black" neighborhoods.

Basketball where teams are made in outdoor courts, but it is really each man for themselves.
Look at all those people dunking and shoving their teammates and playing basketball like it's by themself. Coach Warren would be on the sideline calling it jungle ball.
by somebody on coach warren's team January 23, 2006
Top Definition
A style of basketball where there is not a set of specific rules. Teams consist of 5 players like any typical basketball game, but unlike a regulation basketball game, players generally have a "me first" attitude, rarely passing the ball to even sometimes wide open teammates. Fouls committed against other players usually don't matter, the game continues on as if nothing happened.

Since there are no rules to follow, the game can sometimes look erratic, and maybe even dangerous

(jungle ball is not a racial term)

Jungle Ball is like football, soccer, and basketball combined
by .PiCe.NuSSy. November 25, 2008
an over abundance of genital perspiration, generally located in the trousers of a male which usually leads to swamp ass
I was walking through the mall and i came down with the worst case of jungle balls!
by Flonson Khabot January 29, 2005
A style of volleyball where a game is played with no set strategy or rules. While the teams may consist of up to the same number of players as regular volleyball, it usually occurs when unskilled players are playing. Players generally have a "me first" attitude and depending the number of skilled players and game play may range from the 'one-hit' wonder, to a rare pass of the ball for setting available teammates for hitting to the occasional full strategic pass-set-hit. Since there is no specific strategy (For example, center setting) the game often is static to erratic and occasionally can be dangerous as several players may go for the same ball.

Term obviously lifted from basketball.
Man, we were playing jungle ball.
by Gardien01 June 09, 2010
It is another word for playing waterpolo without any rules
yo I got drowned while playing jungle ball
by Iknowmyshit101 January 01, 2015
A jungle ball is a ball of marijuana resin rolled in shake to create something that will get you highly stoned
Dude I just smoked this jungle ball and im fucked up
by FUCKIN HOSTIe January 02, 2008
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