a nub who is so nub on lan its funny
i dominate online, but when it comes to lan, im a total jungles
by nubitron August 12, 2003
I large affro that is twisted and as thick as a jungle
Andrew Ardill
by Bob June 26, 2003
When a cracker lives in a house full of bootlips
My bro David plays jungle every weekend since his step family is a bunch of spear chucking apes, and he is one white ass cracker mother fucker
by Punkrock Mike January 23, 2008
Jungle is the predecessor of drum n' bass. Jungle has 5 beats in a 4 beat measure(5/4), and many complex layers of bass, whereas, drum n' bass is usually 4/4 with simplified layers. There are many types of jungle such as ragga(oldskool), jump-up(bubble bass), intelligence jungle, UK junglebeat, cyber(hyper), slow(downtempo), jungle funk, live jungle, etc.
Have you heard the new jungle track by APX-1 yet?
by jump up 4 ever April 30, 2006
Original and OG spot were da bloodz hold down.A dead end street Surrouded be C-K'z
hay nigga u from the jungle???
by PiruG June 03, 2004
Another word for drum 'n' bass. Originally a racist term for black music in britain.
'ee's up all night listening to that 'jungle' music.
by perif September 17, 2003
Two benches situated on a corner in Merrickville, Ontario, Canada that are surrounded by bushes and other greenery. It is down the street from the G-spot. People meet in both places frequently.
Should we meet at the G-spot or the Jungle
by Alex F November 20, 2003

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