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Pronounced "Hoon-gla"

A term for someone who is either ratchet, dirty, annoying, ghetto as hell, or busted.
"Hey Courtney needs a ride, you gonna go get her?"

"Hell no, she's a jungla!"
by Brendita13 May 21, 2013
Junglas n. (Jung-gles)

1. A Bahamian term for a female who defines the epitome of ghetto, from the way she dresses, to her hair-do's and nails. A junglas is normally easily identifed by the many colors she has in her outrageous hairstyle and the way she speaks. She's loud and displays obnoxious behaviour. Anything that does not define lady-like behaviour from the places she hangs out at down to the way she acts.
Look at that junglas man, you think she gat enough colors in her hair?!

Charliez line pack with junglas tonight aye...check that one over there on her head!!! So ghetto

That junglas looking like a real scallywag.

That junglas looking like a real lace front hood rat.
by Freeport's Finest December 22, 2011
Hugo’s spanish translation for “jungle".
Jungla, were Tarzan lives.
by d.b.h October 17, 2010

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