A cocky asian who likes to say shut up and stupid. Also thinks he's good at basketball.
Bro: hey man
Jung: shut up stupid you messed up my newfie swish!
by dhfhefh April 30, 2013
An adjective representing stupidity to the greatest level. It originated in South Korea, and came to the US as a regular word. However, it became increasingly used to describe awkward songs and situations. There is a rumor that there is a boy who has all these characteristics, and is currently at war with a boy from California.
"Why do you keep punching me!!! your such a Jung!!!"

"F*** you, F*** my life, F*** EVERYONE!!!"
-"wow, what a Jung"
by TRUTH 1234 January 02, 2010
(adj.) Horrible. Used to describe 1) a malicious or foul-tempered person or 2) an unacceptable situation or location.
1) That guy just cut me off and gave me the finger. What a jung bastard!

2) Buddy 1: No food, no beer, no girls. And this is the most nasty smelling place I've ever been in.

Buddy 2: Yeah, let's get the hell out of here. What a fuckin' jung house."
by T.C. "The Chad" November 10, 2007
Ya know... that thing between your legs.
Man my jung is gank today
by fo-sho November 12, 2003
When you notice your car is swerving and you pull quickly back into your lane.
Damn dawg lucky you junged you'da been dead.
by Legacy May 29, 2003
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