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A sexual act involving multiple males (often closeted homosexuals) wherein one person tea bags another and the tea bagging continues in a sequential fashion, whereby after being tea bagged, one is then required to tea bag the person to their immediate right. This perverse act is rumored to have originated in Junction City, Kansas, when a number of obese men with prodigious amounts of pubic hair were observed engaging in a steamy tea bagging fest behind a shitty Korean restaurant in the 100 degree heat. Later participants of JCTPs began applying white powder to their pubes to highlight the tea party theme some time in the mid 1990s.
Closeted Homo#1: "Hey Johnson, you know we're havin' a Junction City Tea Party at my place tonight,you cumming?"

Johnson: "Fuck yeah!!! Powderin' up my nad bag right now Beeeeyotch!"
by Kansan17 July 09, 2013
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