The sexiest guy in Champaign
Junaid is the sexiest guy in champaign
by Haad March 10, 2005
Top Definition
Strong and so damn good looking.
Wow you are so Junaid!
by Your hot March 08, 2006
literal meaning : small army
(bearing the strength of an small army)
look..there's Junaid and Ali coming.
by jay89 February 10, 2009
The coolest guy ever. Someone who has an immaculate haircut and an incredible sense of fashion (often used to describe models and singers from boybands). Junaid can also be used to refer to someone who resembles Lionel Messi when playing soccer
"Man I just listened to Zayn Malik, he's such a Junaid"

"Did you see Jack at the park, he pulled of a real Junaid moment during the match"

"I'm really pretty, do you think I have the Junaid it takes to become a model?"
by big m gozza October 28, 2013
A guy who goes saturday school cuz its mixed and his school is all boys. He finkz hes the sh*t and that hes gangsta and gud lukin..wen really..hes a chinky eyed f*kface.He seeks attention from the class and teachers by attempting to be funny but not succeeding.He hangs around wit Riaz the brace face wit the triple glazed glasses.
Look, theres Junaid and Riaz..thinkin their it.
by Anonymous_56 April 05, 2007
A young boy (not even sure about that) who thinks hes Allah gift to the world. Recently turned rude boy along with his friend Luke Bailey. Both are twats, both are gay, both need a good slapping.
Oh look theres Junaid and Luke, wot twats
by Mike March 08, 2004
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