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Jumps Are Females Between The Ages of 17 To 24 Who Love Drinking,Partying,Smoking ,And Jump Guy To Guy
" Holy Shit! The Jumps! Look They're Right There On The Corner"
by Joe Roman January 13, 2009
15 3
A surprise or planned fight, when either (a)one individual is attacked/beaten by a group of 2 or more individuals or (b) when a notiably larger group attacks/fights a smaller group of individuals. These fights can occur with or without any kind of valid reason to jump someone.

A onesided fight.

verb jumped
"Man lets jump this kid coming this way on his bike"

"Me and my cousin are going to jump this guy that stole our car"
by DetroitSlang May 14, 2003
731 122
To want to have sex (or make out with, or anything along those lines) with someone. It is usually said more in the figurative sense, rather than literal.
ex. Your brother is hot, i want to jump him.
by catttty February 26, 2006
446 196
to use your legs to propel yourself off the ground.
I can jump into the air
by Dude 2000 October 16, 2003
453 220
n. A shag, fuck, intercourse. Most common in northern UK, especially since "Rita, Sue and Bob too".
"Reet, yer fancy a jump?"
by markyharry February 09, 2005
284 149
Nasty, slutty female. Hood term
Nigga don't take her out, shes a straight jump
by friarSams September 20, 2004
394 274
Random attack usually by a group of individuals on a lone person.
Rudeboy1: Im bored
Rudeboy2: Yeah me 2
Rudeboy1: Ha look at that t**t
Rudeboy2: Lets go jump him
by XD yeahhh July 25, 2005
159 79
Physically Straining activity, causing you to fly for a very limited amount of time.
May cause heavy breathing and in extreme cases(when doing it twice)exhaustion
go jump in a river
by Schteen May 21, 2003
79 43