Jumpin is that act of attaching jumper cables it your testicles for sexual pleasure.
"I tried jumpin last night, hurt like hell, but felt great!"
by HackDuncan December 06, 2009
Top Definition
Underagers getting random strangers walking past to go into a shop and buy alcohol for them, literalluy jumping into the shop for them. Usually targeted are junkeys, alcoholics, students and foreigners.

OriginatedGlasgow/ any poor area with drink problems
Jason " How are we gonna get that booze for tonight"

Jonny " Theres a tramp over there. Come on lets get a jump in.
by Jondooo November 02, 2009
A fight, gang fight, free-for-all, punch-and-jab, fight
I was involved in a jump in with some kids.
by Renopup February 09, 2008
To be wild, wrong or behaving in an insane manner.
When someone behaves ridiculously.
Also, when one is jumpin they can be referred to as "on the moon with Mike Busto"

And if someones jumpin you tell em to look up.
"your jumpin nigga"
"yo shut up"
"man your jumpin so high when i looked up i seen you on the moon."
"yo fuck you"
"look the fuck up."
by Faithx April 07, 2010
to be in the process of jumping

description of a club or party no one uses anymore
A) IM jumpin your ass

B) THis parties jumpin
by pwnz0r September 19, 2003
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