a term for huge tits. especially huge bazongas.
Dude, did you see that hot girl last night. she had a gorgeous pair of jumbo jacks.
by velvy May 14, 2007
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The best drop kick ever! Look the video up on YouTube.
Vic: Ima neck you Joel!

Joel: Do that shit and Ima Jumbo Jack yo bitch ass!
by Gooch_made November 29, 2009
A Jumbo Jack is the most popular burger coming out of Jack In the Box. It is a piece of hamburger meat with some bread, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and onions.
"Hey, mother. I brought you a Jumbo Jack."
"They decided to be funny again and leave out the meat.."
by Shadow Flare December 08, 2005
To grab your phallus with one hand, while using your other hand to shake your other arm with the overall intention of causing extreme pleasure seemingly caused by another person. Is similar to the Dutch Rudder.
Bobby was horny and lonely late one Saturday night, and so took to "Jumbo Jack"ing himself off.
by Skamando March 10, 2009
when you stuff your fat dick inside a hoes fat cat or ass so hard that they cant walk straight for a week....( limping)
Chuchin: damn bro i jumbo jacked your girl last week and shes bearly recovering
johnatan: no wonder she had troble sitting down
by Michel angelo January 18, 2009
Another terrible invention of corperate america, a lousy damn sandwich. Though, it is one of the most entertaining sandwiches ever invented. IE, Ask any native american what that dollar sandwich is from jack in the box. native american would reply; A Yumbo Yack? Or there's always the mexican pronunciation; Humbo Hack. Equaly hillarious. If if your really lucky , you can get them to say "Yack in the box"
You; Hey, Chief running water, what do you want from jack in the box?

Chief running water; OH, Yack in the box? Get me a yumbo yack.

You; you mean jumbo jack LOLROFLCOPTERLMOAOMG
by captain awesome August 14, 2006
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