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a very messy line, something way out of order
Annoying Bitch: Make a line get out of this fucking....jumblefuck!
by nikki. February 12, 2007
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Jumblefuck. n. a disorderly british queue.
Jumblefuck. v. to cause a queue to jumblefuck; can also be used in replacement of the word "fuck", hence to refer to anything.
Jumblefuck. adj. a 'jumblefucked' line.

Origin: Jackrabbits; Jacksonville, Florida
On February 3rd, 2007, the convoy known as 'Less Than Jack' collectively participated in the act of jumblefucking. The ticketman for Jackrabbits, Kyle (henceforth known as 'Jumblefuck'), walked outside the venue at 7:00 pm EST (1 hour before doors open) to observe the act. The disgruntled ticketman then shouted "This isn't a line. This is a jumblefuck. Get in single-file against the wall. This is a jumblefuck!" Eyewitnesses stated there-after that there were two British mates on vacation to see Less Than Jake. One said "We're bloody British, we know how to fucking queue!"

It was in fact that a mere 20 minutes later, an appearance of the Brazillian Legend, Rogerio Lima Manganelli, bassist of Less Than Jake, was made. The 'Less Than Jack-er', Jacob informed Mr. Manganelli of this travesty. Rogerio professed his undying support of the act of jumblefucking.

Later in the night, this statement was confirmed by Mr. Manganelli's mother, "Tats".
This isn't a line, it's a jumblefuck!
by stef9811 March 05, 2007
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A confusing situation or insane few seconds; A moment that doesn't seem like it could actually happen; A person that has absolutely no idea what they are doing
1. Last night was a total jumblefuck. No one knew where to go
2. Did that actually just happen? What a jumblefuck.
3. Wow. She is a total jumblefuck. She doesn't have a clue what she's saying.
by idontwanttosaymyname! June 20, 2009
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