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The most beautifulest girl in the whole wide world, she will always make you happy, she has the most cutest laugh, everything about her is perfect, she will always know how to make you smile, a very forgiving girl, a very kind hearted girl. Her eyes are as beautiful as the stars, she will always love you, she will be with you till the end, she is very willing, very silly, very smart and ticklish. She also likes to poke you, the best kisser, the best girl a guy could ever have.
Guy: "Damn dude, you're so lucky!"
Guy 2: " Why's that?"
Guy:" You got yourself a Julyan!"
by JJ9314 May 16, 2015
1 Word related to Julyan
Loves animals a little too much.
Did you see that Julyan? She's bangin a chimp!
by WonderWoman February 18, 2004

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