someone of half Asian descent. It doesn't matter what the other half of the mix is, they always seem to turn out beautiful.

Famous Juliettes: Tyson Beckford, Naomi Campbell, Johnny Damon, Sean Lennon, Sean Paul, Keanu Reeves
Her dad's Vietnamese, her mom is Scottish. She's a Juliette.
by Sayaka November 05, 2006
Verb; To helplessly pour through legal articles on Civil Law.
Alternatively, someone who has an unnatural attachment to Colin Firth.
"Dude, I totally Julietted last night."

"Really? Loads of work done then?"

"No, dude, I raided Colin's bins."
by Flat 6 February 11, 2009
loser who writes definitions about herself and thinks she all that, she is anorexic and has a crap voice its very screechy and hurts your ears, shes not attractive and not appealing at all
Juliette is such an ugly loser
by rehn457 July 14, 2009
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