someone of half Asian descent. It doesn't matter what the other half of the mix is, they always seem to turn out beautiful.

Famous Juliettes: Tyson Beckford, Naomi Campbell, Johnny Damon, Sean Lennon, Sean Paul, Keanu Reeves
Her dad's Vietnamese, her mom is Scottish. She's a Juliette.
by Sayaka November 05, 2006
Top Definition
A really beautiful girl. Always the nicest and has very pretty hair. The one to keep everyone happy. Has a mean streak though and most likely stays with her group of friends. Also average on the smartness level and has a great sense of style.
Girl 1: Omgg!! Im like reallllliii sadd right noww

Juliette: Aww do you need a hug? Maybe we should go get some pinkberry and go shopping

Girl 1: Thats like a GREAT idea!!

Juliette: Totally!
by Jessica Lace August 03, 2009
A "Juliette" is a fun and energetic (although sometimes lazy) girl. She's beautiful, but some have minor physical flaws. "Juiette"s are great kissers and they love it when guys flirt with her. She can be bitchy at times when you piss her off but other than that, she's a really great friend who's shy at first, then shows herself once you get to know her better. She takes life as a joke and as a game. A "Juliette" is very stylish and has perfect hair and extremely soft skin. She can be dorky and embarrassing at times, but you'll learn to live with it.
Girl 1: "OMG I love Juliette's hair!"

Girl 2: "Ya me too, I wish I was her."
by jag girl 98 June 27, 2010
a hott hott hott girl that all the girls love and all the boys wanna do(: she has the most amazing hair that you just want to sleep in, and her arms are fantasticallyy soft. the worlds defined love for her is the absolute epitome of all things absolutely wonderful.
Girl 2: wow.i love her...

Guy 1: OH LOOK, theres a juliette
Guy 2: ohhh dammnn i wanna do herr(;
by woobwoob<3 December 17, 2009
Juliette is a nice, smart, loving, caring, wonderful, cool, interesting, marvelous, fantastic, erotic, sexy, funny and ATHLETIC girl who likes home made tattoos.
She also loves to have sex with mutiple partners.
-Yo, did you see her?
-Yeahhh, that's a Juliette man, I wanna marry her.
by bigpoop123456789 February 10, 2010
Juliette is a crazy, awkward, nerdy girl who is shy at first but ONCE you know her she becomes CRAZY!!!! She is a big fangirl. Juliette has a HUGE appitite, but is athletic, so doesnt get FAT. Juliettes are loyal and will never let their friends be sad for ONE MINUTE! She is a great person to have as a BFF. She is a huge party-girl, and is bouncing-off-the-walls insane!!!Don't get her mad, though. JUliettes are scary when they are angry!!! :) Juliettes are crazy, compassionate, happy, nerdy, athletic, fangirly, loyal, awesome people!!! You will always love a Juliette!
"Hey, have you seen Juliette?"
"Yeah, she is probably off partying or reading!!!"
"She is so weird and crazy!"
"Yup-she's COOL!"
by dinosaur1602 April 14, 2014
she's craaazy!!! really weird but cool!! She's such a derp and a dork with no common sense but really smart. naturally beautiful although she juts rolls out of bed and doesn't really care. So fun to be around but she's also genuinely caring. Can be annoying at times but you have to forgive her as everything would be really dull and lifeless without her. Hold onto this bæ.
Juliette: omg guess how many grapes I can get in my mouth??
Lauren: Hahaha idek
Juliette: *laughs and puts 10 grapes in whilst laughing*
Grace: you're such a dork Juliette!!
Lauren: haha I love you even though you're a weirdo!!
by Neoncats April 17, 2014
verb (intransitive)

1. to swear in the presence of children ("to pull a Juliette").
Who would have thought that Janice could have julietted at the daycare she works at? I thought she had higher standards.
by BeMatty April 04, 2014
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