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A Julien Marshall is a famous "Rockstar" of French origins which is a very reliable, nice, sweet, kind, funny, understanding, friendly, engaging, polite, trustworthy person. Nevertheless a Julien Marshall can also be very "MEANY" and make some comments that could gravely hurt a bloke or even make him cry. Some say that Julien Marshall means LEGENDARY in Japanese. Brilliant father and someone any lady would be proud to call their husband. A Julien Marshall often quotes words like "Hi5 or Blits" during his daytime. A perfect synonym would be Supreme GOD. Word of advice: If you're a girl (+18) and one day you happen to meet a Julien Marshall DO NOT LET GO !
Call off the search ... I have met my Julien Marshall!

Laura thebuilder: Oh my god that guy is so hot
Rose Weight: I know Right, He must be a Julien Marshall
Laura thebuilder: We're over 18 ! quick let's blow him off !
Rose Weight: YEAHHH !

Nirusan Johnson: daymn I wish I was a Julien Marshall.
Andrew Herron: me too.
Terry howard: I feel gay when I look at him.
by Marcos57 February 20, 2012
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