Julie is one smoking hot lady. She is very sexy with that body of hers and she is very beautiful with that natural beauty she has on her lovely face. So basically Julie is one beautiful, sexy, hot lady.
Julie is a sexy beast
by MuffinJay August 23, 2014
A beautiful woman who can make anyone smile. She snorts when she laughs, and is very quirky. A wonderful person to be around, and a great friend, the very best.
Did you see that girl making everyone smile, her name must be julie.
by wonderwoman777 March 09, 2009
i girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is usually always seen eiether talking with hers friends or laughing. she is very thoughtfull and caring. she is a friend you can trust.
theres julie with her friends as usual
by rosealieeee April 30, 2009
Julie is a tall beautiful girl that walks into room and turns head. She is not afraid to be herself and people always see past that. She is down for anythingggg. Always there and hottest girl.
Nick: Dude Chayton did you see that amazingly hot girl?
Chayton: Oh yeah! I met her last week at a party her names Julie. She's pretty chill
by nicksss0010 June 28, 2009
Julie is the cutest and most amazing girl you will ever meet. She's smart, sweet, and really beautiful She's in love with a boy named Robert and there gonna get married one day <3333
"Julie is sooooo gorgeous!!!"
"I love Julie more than anything."
by That Guy9996 February 09, 2013
The most amazing girl i've ever met in my life, happens to be my girlfriend at the moment. she has beautiful eyes, an amazing personality, she's gorgeous and sooo much more. any person would be extremely lucky to have her. did i also mention she's super stubborn and a bitch<3
julie is gay.
julie is a bitch.
julie is the best i've ever had.
by Pepaaa :) May 07, 2011
A girl who is super awesome, that was also born into the wrong decade. A Julie is a girl who loves the 80s and would marry Ferris Buler if he was a real person. She is like the lady from weird science and she is so beautiful! She only likes people who are nice and kind, but also know how to judge people hard core. You can always tell a Julie when you see her by her gorgeous eyes, nice hair and Beatle t-shirt. Julie is the reason why I say lil bitch. I luv u bitch.
Hey dude look at that girl! She's so pretty she must be a Julie!
Julie: stfu whores
by littleweenypants April 15, 2015
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