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A person who has unbelievably shit crack
I was at a party last night and met this girl omg she was such a julie
by some.boy December 08, 2012
8 23
A hot girl who talks alot, has a good fashion sense, and is a huge prep. She's a great cheerleader and has amazing green-blue eyes.
"check out that girls new coach steletos".

"she must be a julie".
by idiot14 November 15, 2009
80 132
Pretty girl in Oakland
So pretty wouldn't mind befriending is all Julie
by Grantg February 09, 2007
77 203
A female family member who likes to open-mouth kiss her female family members after smoking cheap cigarettes and drinking the other family members wine. Also known as a very intrusive wine stealer.
I was gonna get another glass of wine but I got Julied.
I was gagging after my aunt Julied me.
by snugglebottom May 12, 2011
21 153
a girl with no self-esteem and shlumps around like a caveman. Spends all her free time at Pudgies eating whole sheet pizzas, steak fries, and mozz sticks(aka her diet plan) but in between mouthfuls she tells people she is getting into Cornell when she really ended up at TC3
What is THAT THING in the back over there in Pudgies ?!
Ohhh THAT ? Don't worry it's just a Julie , they're completely harmless
by daB0$$ November 05, 2010
35 217
A word that can be used to describe anything or anyone.
"Do you fancy a couple of julies?"
(do you fancy a couple of pints)

"Hello Julie"
(Hello Simon)

"What are yo up to today?, Oh just bobbing my Julies"
(I am playing with me testicals)
by Channel0 February 18, 2009
67 331