Julie Is the most beautiful person that ever walked earth , is a wonderful person and is always gonna be there for you at all times no matter what she is a very awesome friend and LOVES to sing and is very good at it and loves to just dance around with her friends and is blessed to have as a friend so don't let your moment pass by and when it comes to she a FLIRT and loves having guy best friends and if you ever have a chance with this girl you have to take it!! She is drop dead GORGEOUS and sexy and she's hilarious and loves making people laugh there eyes out and makes hilarious faces and when julie is mad dont mess with her or youll see a side youll never wont to see.so a Julie is the most luckiest blessed drop dead gorgeous friend to have or even better as a girlfriend .
Julie is fabu.
by bulloissochullo123 November 25, 2013
Julie is the best friend/girlfriend you will ever have. You are one lucky bastard to know a Julie, never let her walk out of your life without trying to convince her to stay or it will be the biggest mistake of your life.
Julie is one amazing friend/girlfriend
by MuffinJay August 23, 2014
Julie is a kickass girl, who can show you a good time by riding dragons and conquering mythical lands. She is the dictator of a large kingdom and won't be afraid to put you in line. Julie is also a fantastic lover and should be paid for her level of skill in the bedroom.
Chris: Man, I can't believe we're under Julie's Regime
Nathan: True, but at least she's foxy
Chris: Amen to that!
by TheWolfbat July 16, 2012
Julie is like an angel, she is one of a kind, she is the sweetest person you can ever meet. She has those eyes that you can get lost in for a millennium, she is an amazing, intelligent brunette. You can't describe how she looks cause no words could ever describe her natural beauty. If you ever find a Julie and be with her don't you ever let her go, you'll never ever meet a woman like her ever again, you'll never love another like you do with her.
Julie is an angel
by MuffinJay August 23, 2014
A beautiful woman without a shadow of a doubt , she brings a smile to your face just thinking about her. Caring , considerate and just utterly amazing . When she promises something she means it .

You need several in your life as it just isn't complete without one.
" No matter how much time goes by , she will forever be Mi Julie."
by ThatChild! August 31, 2014
i girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is usually always seen eiether talking with hers friends or laughing. she is very thoughtfull and caring. she is a friend you can trust.
theres julie with her friends as usual
by rosealieeee April 30, 2009
A beautiful female that is easy to get along with. She always has an open ear, heart and shoulder when you need it. If she's down and out and see's others down and out. She would drop anything to help make them happy. She is loyal, a great lover, not afraid to be honost, funny, humble and is always smiling. She cares not for materialistic things. You could give her a rock and she would see the beauty in it. She is a family person and likes to spend lots of time w/ them. Her only downfall is that she can bottle her own stress and break down if no one see's her suffering. So don't ever hurt a Julie. She doesn't deserve it. For even a big heart can only take so much beating.
The heat was horrendous last Saturday. My car was broke down, I had no cash and I needed to get to my dr's appointment. I had no choice but to walk 2 miles in 100 degree+ temps. I was 2 blocks into my journey when this perfect, beautiful stranger pulled up along side me and offered me ride and gave me a cold bottled water. I told her I didn't have gas money and where I was going. She took me all the way to my appointment. It felt soooo good to be in air-conditioning. Before departure, we introduced ourselves. Her name was Julie. And i haven't seen her since. I wish I could so I could thank her.
by polishedgemajewel August 23, 2011

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