A woman who is truelly amazing. If you have her in your life you will treasure her like the gift she is and never give her up. For she is perfect inside and out. Beautiful golden blonde hair, hazel blue eyes that smile, a hard worker, understanding, very intelligent, a great mom, she is hilarious, a best friend and a stunning body to boot. She isn't materialistic and all real!! Once you meet a Julie, you will know who she is for sure and you will always remember her.
Man, I met this amazing woman yesterday." "You must be talking about Julie."
by polishedgemajewel May 09, 2011
Highly loyal friend. She will rule your affection and once you have hers it will be forever but wont like to share you as her friend.
Your Julie's friend...oh sorry
by quelkum February 11, 2010
the girl who everyone likes and is pretty and nice. julie's are usually the most poular people at school.
do you know julie
yeah who doesnt know jlie
by scarlett ray June 26, 2011
The most beautiful girl in the world. She is absolutely perfect. She's always there for you when you need her. She's incredibly lovable and she always knows how to make you smile, blush and give you a good laugh. You will fall in love with her quickly and you never want it to change. You'll fall in love and she'll be yours forever. And then everything will be absolutely perfect.
Julie you're perfect to me
by Klainer21 June 23, 2013
(Also see; Drama, subway, lusious lady lumps, marcus's bff)
Beautiful inside and out, has a gorgeous since of style like her knee socks, there a jewel. Has wonderful family values. Sandwich maker by day, nurse by night. Loves the crystal clear water that god provided to her. hotdog juice is a must have. and if you ever want a good time pick up that phone and call a julie.
you wanna talk about people call a julie.
by supa soaked hoes. August 31, 2008
Julie is the best friend/girlfriend you will ever have. You are one lucky bastard to know a Julie, never let her walk out of your life without trying to convince her to stay or it will be the biggest mistake of your life.
Julie is one amazing friend/girlfriend
by MuffinJay August 23, 2014
Julie is one of the most beautiful brunette you can ever meet. She has the most amazing personality that a person can posses. She has a natural beauty that you'll never ever see in another woman. She is just one of the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, caring, funny, sweet, cute person. Julie is one in a million, don't you ever let a Julie go, she'll be the most amazing thing that will ever happen to you.
Julie I love you xx
by MuffinJay August 23, 2014
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