the most beautifull walking girl on the planet. she is very lovable! her eyes are gorgeous. her smile can light up the room. she will try to make your day better when she is misrable. most likely to flirt with evey guy, but when she's taken, she will be loyal, and only flirt with him. she's the most amazing friend! she can be a bitch but thats just her(: veryy hot. a great kisser and great in bed(:
mhmm i want her to be mine!
she's a julie for shure!
by him327 July 15, 2009
The girl that is smart beautiful and amazing. You will always need her in your life. She will always be on your mind
Guy: What you thinkin about?
Me: Who the fuck do u think? JULIE!
Guy: Tru dat!
by Nic Smith December 27, 2010
Most prettiest girl in the world. eoeoeoeoeoeo.
I think Julie iz a goddess

by caass jayyy August 19, 2009
A girl who thinks no one who would like her but she turns out being loved by a lot by the people around her even though people might want to put her down she stands up to them
Julie your alright for someone who I dont know.
by omgzzzjulieinthehouse March 12, 2010
She is crazy. But I love her. And I can't wait to kick it with her in person. Had I met her a bit sooner, I'd probably fall head-over-heels for her :)
She's cute sauce.
She is so Julie.
by mushux124 March 06, 2010
a brown haired girl that has glasses covering her gorgeous eyes. loves books, her friends, and earth. changes every year or so, but you still love her. is really friends with someone popular, but likes to hand out with other groups. loves being different and likes others who do too. full on comedy and can laugh off anything.
"man, did you see how julie made a complete fool off herself and just laughed it off?" "sure did. i love that about her!"
by yadda yadda yadda June 13, 2009
A beautiful, bold girl who is so unbelievably loyal and talented that she outshines anyone in the vicinity. A girl who's unique tastes and forms of expression are so remarkable and extraordinary that you hardly even know what to do with yourself and have no doubt that she more than likely invented the word 'flabbergasted'. A girl who is always overlooked but never ignored once found. She blends in so well with everything around her that she doesn't disturb anyone or anything. Akin to mother nature, she's the one who brings life and wonder to all without them even realizing it. She's so carefree and happy that anyone's laughter, compared to hers, isn't as sincere.

For the special few that dare go outside of the box, that dare not walk the line, that dare to even try to think unique... You'll finally see her and she'll never leave your side. Every moment is bliss and even though you long to introduce her to every single other person on the face of the planet... She's so shy that she'll hide in your shadow and rather not be seen. She doesn't know how honestly beautiful and intelligent she is. She doesn't dare call attention to herself and is simply happy having a few very close friends.

Julie is simply too amazing and her love is endless. And the love shown back for her is tenfold.
Every best friend of anyone ever is a Julie.

That person that shows you something amazing you'll never, ever forget? A Julie.

That best friend you'd give your life for? A Julie.

That wonderful person actually making a change, helping people, caring for those hurt animals, and those stranded people? A Julie.

"Wow, she really blew your mind, didn't she?"
"Yeah, that's Julie for you. She never ceases to amaze for even a second."
by Russia-Russia January 05, 2013

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