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One of the most beautiful, intelligent, and hilarious girls ever.
She has gorgeous green/blue eyes and the whitest smile ever! (jealous)
Guys tremble when they stand in the presence of her beauty, because they can not control themselves.

Julie has all of the qualities one tries to find in a best friend.

She is loyal, honest, fun to be with, caring, and everything else.
I love her to death, and we will always be close no matter what happens throughout the course of our lives.
-Dude look at that chick, she's such a Julianne R!
-Damn she's everything I want!

-Ugh, I'm so jealous of that girl she's so much prettier than me :( wahhhhh

- Well of course she's prettier than you. She's Julianne R! She's prettier than everybody!!

by admirer ;) July 13, 2012