A sweet, intelligent guy with really good looks. He's athletic and an overall good person. A lot of people like him because he's just a good guy. He sometimes has a short fuse but he's a very nice person. He's searching for the right girl and is looking for true love. Ladies, give him a chance.
That Julian is the sweetest guy I've ever met. I think he'd be a great boyfriend.

Julian is soo cute and athletic

Almost everything about this guy is great. I bet his name is Julian
by booooboooo31 July 06, 2011
A total scrub with a huge dick
He talks like he's a gangster but he's actually not. His brother is an asshole and likes to suck lots of dicks at the same time.
Julians are typically white but sometimes brown. Brown Julians are super cute and funny so keep an eye out for them because they make good company. White Julians are usually awkward and not fun at all.
That Julian is such a scrub, but look at that dick

I met a brown Julian the other day, his brother is a dick
by ireallylikebuttslikealot September 03, 2013
He comes off as an obnoxious buttfuck because he is one. He was raised by the two worst parents in the world and still lives in their basement. He tends to live in the past or future, but early the present. He doesn't have any manners what so ever and can often be heard saying 'fuck' very loudly with children present. He acts as if he is some sort of gift from God, when in fact he actually lies, steals, cheats, manipulates and beats the fuck out of women. He tries to pretend he has ' changed', when in fact the only thing that's changed is his hairstyle. He has false expectations and has no idea what the fuck he is doing 99% of the time. He thinks he's a ladies man, when he actually scares most women. He masterbates with a friend sitting right next to them and feels no shame in doing so. Julian is the epitomy of classless and white trashy.
Please don't act like a Julian.
by PineappleJuice March 09, 2015
A rum and coke in an 8 oz rocks glass. Usually carried around while doing other stuff. Originates from the character Julian on the Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys.
Dude, hold my Julian while I change the tire.

Your Julian is leaving a fucking ring on my coffee table, Sarah.
by laoccoon February 05, 2010
crusty white spit deposits on the sides of your mouth, :from the character "Julian" played by Robert Downy Jr.,..he had them in the movie due to his role as a junk-box
""yuck, gross, you have julians"
by IMPLANT MAFIA January 26, 2005
Another word for pussy.
Yo dog, I went knuckles deep in that girl's Julian.

I love eating my some Julian.
by KkGod October 29, 2012
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