A sweet, intelligent guy with really good looks. He's athletic and an overall good person. A lot of people like him because he's just a good guy. He sometimes has a short fuse but he's a very nice person. He's searching for the right girl and is looking for true love. Ladies, give him a chance.
That Julian is the sweetest guy I've ever met. I think he'd be a great boyfriend.

Julian is soo cute and athletic

Almost everything about this guy is great. I bet his name is Julian
by booooboooo31 July 06, 2011
As a kid, Julian was a nerd. He didn't have many friends and the ones he did have were mostly girls. In the end this payed off. As he got older Julian became a hunk of a man. He gets all the women and is tan and muscular. He never overdoes it and knows exactly what to say. Never let go of a Julian. He's a keeper.
I will never forget Julian *sigh*
by Ugh....... May 13, 2016
The most horniest guy in town that has too much sex
There's Julian with that girl
by More herb May 25, 2016
A fat brown kid , ocassionally spits when he talks.
Man you act like a Julian
by Thikg July 09, 2016
the boy at school who all this girls think is hot and always fall for. no lie h's fucking sexy, but he's also a thot. he can't control himself around girls, and will do anything to get a girl to do what he wants. even if he has a girlfriend , he doesn't care,, he want all the hoes. he has a weird laugh kind of sounding like a freaking walrus, it's annoying, but it's hard not to start laughing the same way. he goes from girl to girl no matter what and always like so talk about sex, because he's forever horny, no lie about that.
"I was texting Julian the other night... it's almost as if he's always horny when I text him"
"wait... doesn't Julian have a girl friend?
"yeah why?"
"are you blind... he's flirting with those girls again"
"what a disgrace, his girlfriend should leave him"
"she can't..."
"they already had sex...!!!!!"

"that's fucked up"
" I wanna fuck Julian so bad, but sadly, he's a hoe...and he has a girlfriend"
"so... he don't love her anyway...he only with her so he can get some"
by gemini_godesss... April 17, 2015
A sweet guy in Massachusetts with a nice ass and even nicer smile/personality. P.S., You live TOO FAR AWAY ‎♥
I would tap Julian from the front and back.
by Mr. Michigan August 18, 2011
A man you will want the minute you lay eyes on him. Not nice all the time, but when he is somewhat nice you love it because its so nice compared to usual. Can talk to you everyday all day and then randomly ignore you for weeks at a time. Bipolar. Moody. You want him cause you can't have him. Great in bed but never know how he will act next day. Flips a switch and is suddenly not into you and ignoring you. Biggest player you will ever meet. Everyone says to let him go but he somehow makes an excuse and you go back to loving him all over. Has a girlfriend but never mentions her. Have dreams that maybe you are soulmates but you constantly have to ask yourself if this is real or in your head. is he just using you, or does he like you? is it all an act?
I just wanna marry julian we are soulmates.

I dont care that he has a girlfriend he is so hot and i want him.

Julian was so good in bed I cant stop wanting it.

I hate Julian he hasnt contacted me and he is so bipolar!
by fujulian October 23, 2013
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