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A Julian is a young man who thinks too much of himself. A Julian usually doesn't have many friends because their personallity is so boring and confindent most people even have the urge to attack this low life.

Julian:Hey Waz up?
Lori: Oh hey its you...
Julian:LOL I'm gonna throw an eraser in your hair cause' I'm such a TERDD! LOL
Katie:OMG Julian SHUT UP!
*Punches the "Julian"
Lori:Oh thxs I had the urge to drop that mofo anyways, but I'm glad you handled it too.
by Tikilooni500 March 26, 2009
58 186
A very honest man who is freakishly horny. He gets hard an average of 45 times per day. Many woman like him and dream of having sex with him. He is a player but everyone loves him because he is sweet like candy. He has an overactive imagination and can make up very sexual stories that can turn anyone on and get them wet like a lake.
It felt like Julian was taking over my body.

I was having a wet dream thanks to Julian.

Have you ever experienced a Julian inside you?

Damn you are harder than a Julian!
by mememememememe January 09, 2008
4232 1658
A person with this name always has the biggest dick in the room
Wow i bet that guy is julian
by Cyoung August 27, 2008
2393 1162
A person with this name usually has a penis size over 7" by 14 years of age
Wow i bet that kid is a julian
by Doctor Aweasome August 27, 2008
2229 1302
A really nice guy who's not sure what he wants out of life. He's very cute and sweet with his skater style (: He gets caught up in alot and flirts with alot of girls. People tend to talk about him, and judge him from his past. But deep down he's not what they say, no one knows him as good as i do.
Julian is the sweetest guy i know.
by NatalieMarie3 June 30, 2009
1521 944
A sweet, intelligent guy with really good looks. He's athletic and an overall good person. A lot of people like him because he's just a good guy. He sometimes has a short fuse but he's a very nice person. He's searching for the right girl and is looking for true love. Ladies, give him a chance.
That Julian is the sweetest guy I've ever met. I think he'd be a great boyfriend.

Julian is soo cute and athletic

Almost everything about this guy is great. I bet his name is Julian
by booooboooo31 July 06, 2011
663 287
Extremely hot!! you can never meet an ugly julian. He can always turn you on. He's a player, but people like him anyways because he's so hot. You can never go wrong when having sex with a julian. It will ALWAYS be nice. He's hotter than your average kid, and its all because he's julian. He can sweet talk, but it's only to get what he wants, which most girls will give him, because he's so fcking hot! Short, tan, and hot. The three words to describe julian. if you get the chance with Julian, go for it!
your hot, you must be a julian.
im going to go in bed with julian right now.
by asdhjkfg;jlfgj April 22, 2010
526 338
The alcoholic beverage; rum and coke.
You sipping on julian's tonight?
by NA The Rugged Man July 16, 2008
551 419