Julian Casablancas=PURE SEX
And no, Julian Casablancas belongs in MY bed so step OFF!!

Julian Casablancas is MINE!!
by Jennifer January 13, 2004
julian is beautiful he knows how to rock and has a awsome voice
julian is so sexy he belongs in my bed
by ALYSSA BARRICK January 29, 2004
argh...le mec le plus sexy de notre génération... nan c'est vrai il a tout pour plaire...son regard, sa bouche, son corps... personne n'a vu plus hot sérieusement... je l'aime un point c'est tout. en plus de ca il écrit des chansons chtrop mimi c'est un bon auteur. en gros Julian Casablancas c'est le mec parfait.
Julian dans "last nite". c'est la qu'il est le plus....whaou qu'il me donne chaud disons...
by Clarabouille January 21, 2004
hott..hott..hott. always seems stoned but what the hey, he's the lead singer of the strokes. good band..good band.
knoxville is becoming a lot like casablancas, ya know...with the drunken-ness and all
by in x hope April 14, 2004
lead vocals for the new york city band the strokes.
goddamn, this doe-eyed boy is mine.
by rivers December 28, 2003
the god of all godessess(not just a god but a sexy god) This mans attraction is incredebly high so high that no one knows what high is. when u see him u feel like everything goes in slow motion and you beging to drift into out of space and suddenly u seee yourself out of this planet btu then come to realize it was just a picture u saw of him. his voice is so orgasmic (you may get an arrection when you hear his voce so be extra careful) he is th eonly reason why we do what we do to survive, and is a perfect example of better things to come...
Julian Casablancas Rocks my misserable world!!!!
by mary&jules November 08, 2011
the HOTTEST guy in the world..... you no it... the hair.... the eyes..... the VOICE... ohh the VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julian Casablancas is hot!
by ThE FaCeEeEeE! April 09, 2011

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