Hottie lead singer of The Strokes. A virgo, his birthday is August 23rd 1978. So, he's a year and 4 days older than I am!! Which is perfect for me.

He's the most beautiful man I've ever seen with the most AMAZING voice!!

I don't know what these other girls are talking about be he only has eyes for me. Deal with it. ha!
I would bathe in Julian Casablancas sweat anyday.
by Jehne January 31, 2004
He says he doesn't want to be known, I think he is lying. He wants to be known, but not for the women/men he's had or the cars and houses, he wants to be known for his music. And, I think, after "Room on Fire" he has made that certain. He is cool and uncool about it, but what is for sure is that he means well, he cares for the craft and not in it for the money.
Julian Casablancas is someone I wouldn't want to hang out with, because of drinking/drugs, but I enjoy his music and I'm glad I live in the same time slot as him.
by Stephanie January 11, 2004
the most hottest boy of the most hottest band with the sexiest voice imaginable....
That is so hot, It's Julian Casablancas
by Caitlin February 28, 2004
The man with the softest sexiest lips in the world.
He kissed me and I'll never EVER get over it.
by Jess February 10, 2004
lead singer of the strokes, julian casablancas also writes all of the lyrics and music for the band. hes always drunk, and his voice is very raspy and beautiful...i love jules...he is my soulmate
julian casablancas is perfect in every which way
by joey May 10, 2004
Julian Casablancas is the dreamy hot pants lead singer of the Strokes and my soon-to-be lover. He's got this presence that could make any girl swoon.

I met Julian Casablancas at the Madison WI concert on April 22nd 2004.

He is the most beautiful man I've ever seen. And the concert was incredible!
Julian Casablancas told me I was amazing when I met him at the concert! He also took the letter I wrote for him!
by JehneCasablancas May 09, 2004
the person im going to marry. he rocks beyond rocking and i touched him. (elizabeth is going to marry him too but im pretending i dont know that, and she is going to pretend she doesnt know that im marrying him) anyway, we touched him and we will follow him to the end of the world and hes the best modern musician and hes cool
Julian is a hot sexy man bitch
by mrs. casablancas April 19, 2004

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