A young man from New York City, who lived a privilaged life and is in a band called the Strokes with his friends from various private schools. He is very attractive.
I touched Julian Casablancas at his concert.True story.
by Joo-lee-in Cass-ah-blank-ass November 03, 2003
A sexy as fuck rockstar, lead singer for nyc rock n roll band the Strokes. Damn is he fine.
Also called: Jules, Julingus, or simply Sex Goddddd. Girls want him, guys want to be him. Fo sho.
Damn, Jules is a foxxxy peice of sex!
by AYCARAMBA April 28, 2005
the sexiest man to walk the earth. his voice is so extremely orgasmic. lead singer of the strokes(the best band ever) who is engaged(why not to me, i dont know)and is loved by many people(especially me)
Jules can easily make someone cream their pants. he waved and smiled at me at a concert and i almost fell into the water. I wish he was mine. he is perfect in every way. God, i love this man.
by bridget July 15, 2004
Julian es el cantante mas sexy de la historia, no puede haber uno mas hot, lindo, ahh la verdad q me enloquece!!!
Julian is soo hot, he drives me totally crazy
by vale March 08, 2004
He is the hottest thingo in the world...YOu already know all of this stuff I was jUSt compelled to write something down coz alas I love him so...just like the rest of u guys who seem so sad. is this what it means to be a truely obsessed fan. I think so.I
I was also lucky enough to get a kiss from the man and he posed good for the photos I took when I saw him at the big day out 04 on the gold coast. He also went up to Albert tapped him on the shoulder and pointed at me, Albert nodded and smiled and came up to where I was standing and posed nicely with Julian for an amazing photo that my next goal is to get signed when they come back to Australia.
by Teresa_from_Briz February 26, 2004
Hot puppy-dog eyes, sexiest mouth in the world, SMOKE & DRUNK image= JULS. The perfect guy of a NEY YORK Underground band, THE SRTOKES!!!!
Hottest and sexiest band in the world!!!
Juls be the men of my life!
by $ilvy January 16, 2004
He's only the best and the sexiest singer in the best modern-age rock'n'roll band. He is nothing else!!!!!!!
You can listen to him sing, but you must see him sing, there is a slight difference!!!!!
by alex December 19, 2003
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