Well, as everyone else put he is a part of the band The Strokes but more than just that. With intellectual lyrics, expressive features, and and instabillity in knowing himself, hes someone to look up to for no reason at all. Hes a very interesting person who noone will ever understand fully, no mater how hard they try. You`ll think youve got him, and he`ll do something that throws ya way off. see example.
In one of the latest magazine interviews which I must say are usually most horrible descrpitions and just the most horrible things Ive ever read, Julian talkes about how much he hates pringles. But when the interviewer is about to leave, he picks up a recipt that julian had taken out of his pocket, and on it from walgreens was 1 can of pringles. I rest my case.
by Nyssa December 27, 2003
He's got the most amazing voice, and he's brilliant! The lyrics take my breath away. I look in his eyes and my heart skips a beat. Yes, Julian, I am a fully-functioning stalker with no regrets! Darling, you're beautiful.
I'm going to see Julian Casablancas and the Strokes April 22nd, 2004!
by JehneLoveJulian February 22, 2004
Julian Casablancas is the musical genius of our time. He has an I don't give a f*** attitude that is extremely hott. He drinks and gets stoned excessively and has an "I'm only half here attitude". He is the lead singer and the backbone of our generations answer to bands like the Ramones, The Who, and The Rolling Stones.
His nickname is Jules.The lyrics he writes are hott.
"First try it happened too fast...second try I thought it would last...we all like ot a little different"-From the Cd "Is This It"
by Erin Light November 25, 2004
Julian Casablancas is the amazingly good-looking, broody, swaggering vocalist of the Strokes. I never tire of listening to his somewhat hoarse voice singing anything. Well, his voice is hoarser at some times, and less hoarse at others. Anyway, it's (to me) a beautiful voice inside of a beautiful mouth on a beautiful face. Beautiful. :D Oh, forgot to mention that he smokes, drinks (tremendously), and does drugs. Oh, fun. Anyway, I'll definitely be at his funeral when he dies of lung cancer or some other organ failure. Or, if he finally quits the crap, if he just dies. I'll be there. And to the other Strokes, I'll be at all of your funerals, too. Sorry for getting off topic. Julian Casablancas has some of the most wonderful eyes ever, one of the most wonderful voices ever, the most charisma I've ever seen on stage, and the coolest way to hold a microphone. (Teach me!!)
It's really too bad Julian Casablancas is married. It's just cooler to think of him as single. I still go for Nick and Fab. And Nikolai, actually.
The sexiest man in the music industry. With his deep soulful voice, and scruffy yet appealing looks, Julian Casablancas is at the top of my rape list.
I want to rape Julian Casablancas
by Princess Consuella April 13, 2004
Lead singer and music & lyrics composer for New York City band (and "my babies"), The Strokes. My words won't do justice to Julian's goodness, but, bah, let's try:
He is incredibly beautiful, but not only with looks; his attitude is 'a la fois' "fuck off" and "give me a hug, im hammered as hell"
ah, jules, i would streak down broadway to have the chance to meet that absloute SWEETHEART.
Julian Casablancas went over to the side of the stage where Nick was performing his solo, and gave him a huge kiss on the cheek; SPREAD THE LOVE!
by nasty January 03, 2004
lead singer of the strokes, the most wonderful eyes i have ever seen.
I saw Julian Casablancas and fell to my knees in awe
by ill take the next train December 23, 2005

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